How to start a blog to make money?

Before we get into how to start a blog to make money, you may be asking…isn’t blogging passé already? Isn’t social media like Facebook, Instagram the platform to engage in since most of the people are already “living” in there?

Did you know, as you are reading this post, 2 over million blog posts (and still counting) are written every day…yes, every single day.

So why are these people still writing blog posts, shouldn’t they be spending their time on social media to get more business?

If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business. ~ Bill Gates Click To Tweet

Big companies are blogging too (Resource: Business Grows) and why?  Have you wondered?  How can blogging help?

If you are a small business owner, you really can’t afford not to do so.  Not knowing how to start a blog should not be a show-stopper.  Don’t get left behind.

And so, I have put together this ebook to help you get started.

how to start a blog
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Ready to learn how to start a blog to make money?  NOT JUST any blog, learn how to make a successful blog by taking the right steps here:

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✔️ Branding of your web presence so the right people will be engaged to your blog (Planning Phase)

✔️ The basics on how to start a blog (suitable even those who has never registered a domain before.  This goes right down to the basics for beginner)

✔️ Why social media platform is not enough for your online business

✔️ 4 reasons why you have to blog

✔️ What is blogging about?

✔️ 6 success factors that make your blog stand out from the crowd

✔️ Resources to help you get your blog up and running

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You can get keyword research method in most blogging courses, but none will share the strategy on how to use the keywords properly to build your site.  (worth US$199)

You can always get onto many other branding and blogging course that usually cost at least  US$299.

Everyone will tell you ONE best platform, but I will share with you how another platform will give you organic traffic with no advertisement required.  This professional platform has the best web-building framework which I have personally tested multiple sites and niches.  I have never ran any advertisement and all traffic is organic.  This is the gem!  You can place your own dollar value worth if you do see the importance of being FOUND on the web by searchers!

In short, this two important bonuses will help you make a successful blog for yourself,

✔️ My secret weapon with 2 different blogging platforms and have customers come to you WITHOUT ANY ADVERTISEMENT

✔️ Case study on my actual niche website with keyword research and traffic results by using my highly recommended platform

And how to make a successful blog?  You will get notified of additional tips to help grow your blog in the long run.

✔️ How to build traffic for your online business

✔️ How to use social media to scale up your online presence and engage your audience

✔️ How to automate your business process with tools to free off your time in managing your website

✔️ How to establish a 4 hour work week routine to maintain your business in the long run

✔️ And many many more tools and tips that I personally use to run my online business

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how to start a blog
BUY NOW at US$12.99

So, ready to learn how to make a successful blog and earn some online income?




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