How to Monetize Your Blog – 2 Different Strategies on How to Blog for Money

There are many ways to monetize but not all will be suitable.  Learn the 2 different strategies on how to monetize your blog in this week’s resource based on the purpose of your blog.

If you have researched before on how to blog for money, it is always about the methods and ways, but how a blog can successfully monetize depends on the strategies used rather than just the methods of monetization.

How to Monetize Your Blog - 2 Different Strategies
There are two broad strategies to apply and you will find it clearly defined in this week’s resource download.

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However, depending on the nature of your blog, you will need to assess which strategy works best for you and do some minor tweak depending on your niche.

The most common monetization is Google Adsense and I will share with you why I tend to avoid it.

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