Mindset Monday – F is for…

Welcome to another Mindset Monday!

This weekly reminder is to help you instill the right mindset by applying just one mindset change a week.  If you follow through this whole series, you will experience a brand new YOU by the end of this whole series.

Entrepreneur Mindset Week 6

F is for Forward Thinking.

Mindset Monday - F is for...

Entrepreneurship is a journey that can be especially hard at the beginning.

However, having that very firm forward thinking mentality and having that end in mind keeps an entrepreneur going, despite the difficult journey.

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I would like to share with you about my web building journey, the first few months of building the website was nothing but long hours with no income at all.

However, I kept my focus on the end result I wanted to achieve and maintained the same level of enthusiastic forward thinking mentality.

By the fourth month, income started coming in from the website and all the hard work paid off with positive ROI (return on investment).

If I didn’t have my goal in achieving that end result, I would probably have given up by the third month.

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The same mindset applies to all kinds of venture you are getting into.  Be it starting a home based business or building your network marketing business.

So, my question to you right now is, as you embark your entrepreneur journey, what is it that you are looking to achieve?

Where is your destination?  Have you clearly identified that?

Are you keeping that end destination in mind all the time as you are doing what you need to do currently to get there?

Are you practicing forward thinking so well that whatever challenge you are facing right now, you know for sure it is just a passing phase?

Well, you can have a broad goal of where you are heading with smaller targets along the way to achieve that ultimate goal.  That can help you stay on track of the bigger picture.

Write that all down, make it clear, think about your destination rather than being defeated by any road blocks you face.

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