Mindset Monday – E is for…

It’s another awesome Mindset Monday!

An entrepreneur resources for small business blog owners, this weekly entrepreneur mindset aims to help small business owners stay focus in their entrepreneurship journey.

This weekly reminder is to help you instill the right mindset by applying just one mindset change a week.  If you follow through this whole series, you will experience a brand new YOU.

Entrepreneur Mindset Week 5

E is for Enthusiasm.

Entrepreneur Mindset Monday

Enthusiasm is really the driving force for any individual to keep going and pursuing what they have set out to do.

If you have been following the past few weeks of Mindset Monday, you will realize everything is inter-related to help personal growth and self development.

Whether you are on an entrepreneurship journey or an employee, if you do with much enthusiasm, you will notice the results is different.

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I learned this key mindset when I started my niche web building journey more than 10 years ago.  You know, when you start a new website, it comes with whole lot of enthusiasm at the beginning because you are so excited about putting your idea across.  While it is easy to start with enthusiasm, it is not easy to continue that level of enthusiasm especially when results do not come immediately.

I applied that same level of enthusiasm in every piece of content I put in for my niche website and results finally came a couple months down the road and results got better and better each month.

From that experience, I learned this key lesson about remembering WHY you set out to do at the beginning and keeping clear in your mind the impact, improvement and value you want to achieve or want to see it happen.  That definitely will keep the enthusiasm up no matter how difficult the journey may be.

So remember, my friend, sometimes the journey can be a little rough, but remember why you started, keep that enthusiasm up by being clear where you want to get to.

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. ~ Winston Churchill Click To Tweet

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