Color Scheme for Website Design 2018 and beyond

It is very common for people to search for the best color scheme for website design every time a new site is in the planning phase.

When I started this, I was no exception.  And of course, almost everyone will want to skew towards their favourite color for their website.

But I learned there are 5 rules I follow to achieve a timeless design.

color scheme for website design 2018

Color is a power which directly influences the soul. ~ Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky Click To Tweet

You may be thinking…How to decide which is the best colour?

Any tips or tricks in choosing the right colour?

Which is the best combination so that it will always remain timeless?

Color scheme for website design

Check out what I have put together to help you decide what colour to go with for your website design,

  • 9 different colours’ representation
  • 5 rules in selecting the colour theme
  • 4 best colour palette tools available to have a preview of combination of different colours

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There are many color scheme for website design, tell me what’s your favourite?  Start our Facebook conversation below! Would definitely love to hear from you.


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