Business Blog Ideas – Brainstorming Session to Help You Find Your Niche

Brainstorming for amazing business blog ideas is not difficult, although I hear many people always tell me, “I don’t know what I am good at“, “I am not sure what I can do“, “I have no specific interest or passion for anything“…the list goes on…

It doesn’t have to be difficult.  An idea can start small and it’s the beginning to building a side business that can eventually be a “goodbye 9 to 5”.

The essential factor is to start somewhere.

And most importantly, you must understand why you even want to start a business blog, keep that in mind.  Understand your WHY.

Business Blog Ideas

So, let me help you through a series of brainstorming sessions to help you identify a suitable idea from the list of business blog ideas, model to build upon and how you can actually scale up your blog to build one business with multiple streams of income.

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Business Blog Ideas Weekly series will cover,

  • whole thinking process to discover your talent, knowledge, gifts and get ideas from all things around you.
  • understand the three main ways to have a good business model to fit your time, availability and whether it is feasible to carry out.
  • quick net profit calculation to ascertain the optimal price and projected sales volume you can achieve
  • preparation requirement to get your business started online
  • getting all tools ready, with workflow and process
  • launching your idea, promote
  • track progress, understand what works best and what does, testing and fine tune the process to focus on what works best


Let me help you find the best pick among all the business blog ideas available, fill in your particulars and get started right away.

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