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Ever wonder if there is much to what life has to offer?  Where you are right now, is this the current situation you have always wanted?  Or do you have a greater desire to craft a life you truly want?  And I’m here to help… renee loh

I was brought up having been told to “go to school, get good grades, get a good job and life will be great“.  Oh wait, what?  You’ve been told the same?  Not surprising…I’ve heard from my international friends from the US, Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, telling me they have been told the same since young!

Well, I went through that process and did end up with a good, in fact, an amazing job, but somehow I didn’t feel I reach the point of “life will be great”!  It got me to longer working hours, busy schedule and deadlines to meet.

I was in the field of Finance, Treasury and IT Consulting with several huge US MNCs for more than a decade.

From the outside, life looked pretty good…I would agree that I had financial stability but in my opinion, far from financial and time freedom.

I just couldn’t imagine another 30 more years of corporate life, doing exactly the same day-in-day-out of going to work, meeting deadlines and continue having financial stability, but not making any real improvement in my life of having time and financial freedom.

I didn’t want to create my own “prison” and so it was Goodbye 9 to 5 in 2006.

Renee Loh
Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Accidental Entrepreneur Journey

I spend the next few years building niche websites, inspired by things I was already doing.  And all these “one-time” effort of investing my time in building the website helped generated residual income which rewarded me more time to explore and expand my passive income building journey.

I became an accidental lifestyle entrepreneur and totally thankful to be able to redeem back my time fully.  Time is a prized possession to me.

Being a lifestyle entrepreneur gave me a lot of time freedom to explore more business ideas.  I was often approached by people offering me MLM opportunities, which I have always remained very objective about this as I have done my fair share of observing and studying the way such business model work.

But not all MLM companies are “born equal”, so you will have to do your fair share of due diligence.  If you find the right product with a fair compensation plan based on performance, the opportunity is there but not everyone will succeed and why?  It starts with own mindset, discipline and action.

I am “involved” in several MLMs as a customer, simply because of the product quality and for a better cause, such as Eco-friendliness and holistic and natural remedy.  Now, let me think, I am a happy customer of Melaleuca, Enjo and Young Living.  Am I a network marketer for them?  Well, the answer is NO.

While the products are great and I do use them, but I do not have the passion in talking about household cleaners, nutrition, weight loss or essential oil and build a business revolving around these topics.

Hence, I decided to partner with an amazing network marketing company that offers services that I am truly passionate about, which is all about lifestyle, such as dining, travel, entertainment, shopping, etc.  Something which I am already doing with or without any additional compensation plan.  As a lifestyle entrepreneur, I very much prefer integrating a business into something that I am already doing.

I don’t think of work as work and play as play. It’s all living. ~ Richard Branson Click To Tweet

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Helping others achieve time and financial freedom

I am very passionate about online businesses and I want to use my knowledge to help network marketers and small business owners transform their old-school offline business to an online automated lead generation powerhouse, so it is no longer running after the next sale, but to have prospects come running after you.

My goal is to empower motivated individuals build their very own online business with strategies towards multiple streams of passive income, doing things they are already doing (leverage)!

And most importantly, I am super passionate about helping people say goodbye to their 9 to 5 and will definitely work with those who are serious about making it happen.

You can learn more about having a side gig while still holding a job subscribing to this weekly guide here.

Through my Renee Loh (dot) com business, it is my goal is to achieve all the things I am passionate about – in short,

help you build a successful online business so you can achieve time and financial freedom

And of course, if you would like to partner with me and build a leveraged model online business for yourself, contact me here.

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A little personal side of Renee Loh

I am a carefree earthling who is totally grateful for having the freedom because of my leap of faith in online business.  I enjoy travelling and see what the world has to offer.  I absolutely love nature but still appreciate amazing architecture, adore bunnies and quite a foodie too.

I am a mom to a lovely 10 year old boy and thankful that I have been able to actively participate in his growing years.

Follow me on instagram and see the world through my lens and journey along with me as I embark a new past-time in photography.

Enough of my story…what’s yours?  I would really like to know.

Let’s craft an exciting life for yourself and explore how I can be of help to you in achieving your dream lifestyle.

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I am so glad you stopped by this page.  It is indeed great to connect with you here with a simple introduction.

With technology, the world holds no boundaries at all.  Let me know if you have any question about building your own online website or scaling up your current business with an online presence.

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Renee Loh